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《Follow traffic rules, save your future.》   《Drive, don't fly.》   《Everything comes your way, if you are in the wrong lane.》   《Driving faster can cause disaste.》   《Drive like hell and you will be there.》   《Better Late than Never!》   《Safe Driving, Saves Lives.》   《Fast drive could be Last drive.》   《The best drivers are aware that they must be beware.》   《Do not mix drinking and driving.》   《Life don't have Reset button. Drive safe.》   《Without a license, stop driving.》   《Never Run a Red Light.》   《Exercise tolerance, respect other's rights.》   《Look every way every day!》   《Normal speed meets every need.》   《Traffic rules are lifesaving tools.》   《Take precaution. Drive for safety.》   《If you know you are driving to your death would you still drive so fast?》   《Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent.》