Course Title (Chinese)
管理資訊系統 課程英文名稱
Course Title (English)
Management Information System
A10333; 課程編號
Class Code
C051 學分數
3 課程分類
Type of the Course
陶幼慧(Yu-Hui Tao) 修習類別
Compulsory/Elective Courses
Course taught in Languages
主要語言 (Primary):英語 (English)
次要語言 (Secondary):英語 (English)

教學目標 Objectives
This course, Management Information System (MIS), is a required course taught in an all English environment, which also belongs to the two full English-teaching certificate programs offered by the College of Management.

Since the students have a prior knowledge from the Introduction to Information Management in the freshman year, the lecture will focus on the textbook cases in addition to the class Q&A on the book content. Plus, we have class group presentation with Q&A, Peer Evaluation System (PES- online Q&A

This year, we will focus on voting your learning style using IRS (Instant Response Systems) via your own mobile devices and building your team activities. You can vote for learning the book chapter content taught by professor, presented by classmates, or previewed by yourself, as well as vote for open-book test or not? Two teambuilding activities include a short one conducted in classroom and a search the ballons using after-class time. Meanwhile, each group will be responsible live broadcasting and photos takings (MIS at NUK ) for one other group's presentation.

The objective is to immerse the students in an English learning environment for IM topics.

授課形式 Class Types
Lectures and Discussions
Case Study or Work Analysis
Thematic Projects and Reports
Field research/Field Work
30 % 25 % 20 % 10 % 0 % 15 %
課程內容與進度 Course Description and Progress Outline
This schedule is subject to changes:

Wk01 09.14 Introduction to this class & Chapter 1 Opening Case & homework-create your own profile in elearningV2 platform with personal photo, impressive skills, one-word describing yourself, and surprising facts about yourself not known by your NUK classmates

Wk02 09.21 Part I: Chapter 1 -Information Systems in the Digital Age Chapter one - Business Information Systems in Your Career

Wk03 09.28 Teacher's Day Chapter 2 - E-Business: How Business Use Information Systems

Wk04 10.5 12.9 Chapter 3 - Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems + teambuilding activity

Wk05 10.12 Chapter three & Part II: Information Technology Infrastructure: Chapter 4 - IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software

Wk06 10.19 Chapter four + Group 1 presentation

Wk07 10.26 Chapter 5-Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management + Group 2 presentation

Wk08 11.2 & Chapter 6 -Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology + Group 3 Presentation

Wk09 11.09 Midterm Exam

Wk10 11.16 finish Ch6 + Group 4 Presentation + SIC ballon-searching competition 11/18-11/20

Wk11 11.23 Chapter 7 - Securing Information Systems

Wk12 11.30 Chapter 7 & Chapter 8- Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications + Group 5 Presentation

Wk13 12.07 Chapter 8 + Group 6 Presentation

Wk14 12.14 Part III: Key System Applications for the Digital Age: Chapter 9 + Group 7 Presentation

Wk15 12.21 Chapter 10-Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge + Group 8 Presentation

Wk16 12.28 Part IV: Building and Managing Systems: 1.6 Chapter 12 - Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems

Wk17 01.04 Review

Wk18 01.11 Final Exam

The students will be divided into 8 groups each with 6 members for the 1-hour group presentation throughout this semester.

Each group is responsible for any one project in the Hands-One MIS project, the 2nd Interactive session (case), and Dirk-Bike running case provided by the teacher in the first 8 chapters of the textbook.

The 1-hour presentation includes the three-subject presentations, class Q&A and IRS Q&As, .

After the class, all the audience is required to ask at least one questions or give one concrete comment to the presenting group in PES , which will be responded by the presenting group.

教科書/參考書 References/ Textbook/ Documents
Essentials of Management Information Systems 11th eds. by Laudon and Laudon, Pearson International Edition, 華泰文化

Laudon and Laudon Textbook Companion Website

評分標準 Evaluation (Criteria and Ratio)
Written tests 40% + group presentations with TA feedback 20% + PES Q&A 15% + class attendance and participation (based on PRS records and others) 10% + 3 teambuilding activities 15%

The grading is designed to achieve the core competence setup by our department:
資訊基本能力 - written tests & presentation
英文基本能力 - English taught class
基礎管理能力 - presentation in group
決策問題解決能力 - case-oriented class and online/PES Q&A
應用整合與系統開發能力 - final presentation with a case, hands-on MIS, and a collaborative & teamwork in one chapter

課業討論時間 Office Hours
Tuesday AM and Wendesday AM or by appointment

三級核心能力養成設定 Basic Disciplines and Core Capabilities of the Department and the University
Core Competency-Dept.
Intensity Scale
Core Competency- College
Corresponding Capacity Index of College
Core Competency of NUK
Corresponding Capacity Index Of NUK
資訊基本能力 10% 資訊運用的知識力與判斷力。 20% 知識力 50%
英文基本能力 20% 職場需求為導向的專業能力。 35% 社會力 20%
基礎管理能力 10% 與國際接軌提昇語文的能力。 20% 品格力 10%
決策問題解決能力 50% 創新思維與主動學習的能力。 10% 創造力 20%
應用整合與系統開發能力 10% 以科學方法解決問題的能力。 15%